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Power Line Interrupter Development

 As seen in the recent California Napa area forest fires, fallen power lines continue to flow power and create sparks from the free end of the power line.  Numerous deaths are attributed to victims coming in contact with power lines that have severed and fall to the ground.  In addition, power is lost to the entire local grid area when the substation circuit breakers are activated to stop the flow of power through the fallen power lines.   Loss of trees due to vegetation clearing around power poles and lines is expensive and harmful to the environment.

- This device would sense a separation of a power line, or a downed power pole by the acute angle the power line would make from its normal straight-line projection to the adjacent power pole.  The internal cutter would sever the downed power line at the nearest undamaged power pole. The severed line attached to an undamaged pole could still function.

We are looking for funding to design, prototype and test this device.  Contact us at Mastery Instruments if you want to make a difference in forest fire prevention.

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